Indian meal at Avani, family style!


What: Kebob Sampler, Roti, Curries, Saffron Rice and Garlic Naan
Where: Avani
Cuisine: Indian
Affordability: $15-$20


– We started the meal off with the Kebob Sampler as the appetizer. This dish included Chicken Sheekh Kebabs 2pcs & Lamb Sheekh Kebabs 2pcs, Tender Reshmi Kebab 2pcs & Lamb Chops 2pcs all cooked in their hot coal tandoor oven, served over a bed of cabbage of onions. The meats arrived at the table on a hot sizzling plate and our group gobbled up everything cuz man, we were hungry! Overall, we loved the flavours produced from cooking the meats in the tandoor oven, and our favorite meats were the Lamb chops and Chicken Sheekh Kebabs.

– This Indian restaurant’s menu is meant for groups to order family style, so we decided to order 2 curries, and of course the necessary carbs to go with it. First curry was the Chicken Tikka Masala – Tandoor cooked, marinated chicken tikka in a mildly
spiced, rich & creamy sauce with a hint of coconut. The second curry was the Lamb Vindaloo – Spicy Goan curry cooked with chunks of tender lamb. And to go with the curries, we had the Roomali Roti, Saffron rice, and garlic naan.

– Being the foodies that we are, we eat Indian food on a regular basis and typically know what flavours to expect. But this time at Avani, we felt like the curries just didn’t hit the right spot. The tikka masala had a bizzare chinese medicine taste, whereas the spice from the lamb vindaloo was overpowering. The curries didn’t taste bad, they just had foreign flavors that we were unfamiliar with. The basket of Garlic naan on the other hand was FANTASTIC!

– Unfortunately we did not have the stomach power to order any other dishes, but from the menu it seems like they have a lot of Asian-inspired selections including Pad Thai, Green Curry and an Indian-Chinese version of Chow Mein. Looks like there’s a reason for us to come back next time!

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