Waterloo’s Fine Dining


Where: Bhima Warung
Cuisine: Indonesian
Affordability: $20 – $50

–  Although the outer exterior of the restaurant looks a bit like a run down shack, the interior is beautifully decorated and whisks your mind to somewhere exotic in Asia.

– The daily specials were oyster shooters which came with a shot of vodka infused with chilies. The oysters were small but fresh and paired nicely with the spicy vodka.

– We ordered the guay toew – fresh wide rice noodles pan fried with vegetables. The noodles were the perfect consistency and the dish was packed with so many different flavors that I didn’t even notice it was vegetarian. It was getting a bit too saucy at the bottom of the bowl was sitting in a pool of sauce, but the cherry tomatoes and pineapple chunks helped reduce the saltiness. We also ordered the khao soi – thin egg noodles fried in a chaingmai yellow curry. It was also very flavourful but was unexpected because other thai restaurants serve this as a soupy curry noodle dish.

– For drinks, we ordered Thai Iced Tea and mango lassi. Both were beautifully presented with slices of pineapple, orange and lemon, but the drink itself lacked specialty so it felt a bit overpriced.

– Definitely worth checking this place out, if you have the money to splurge, their main courses are pricey but each dish consists of at least 10 to 20 ingredients that all somehow work together. Overall, a great dining experience if you’re sick of the fast foods in the area!  They even wrap up your leftovers into a cute little swan 🙂

Bhima's Warung on Urbanspoon


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