Arabesque Cafe in Kitchener


What: Chicken Shwarma Plate
Where: Arabesque Cafe
Cuisine: Lebanese
Affordability: $12


– Located quite far away from the University, this restaurant was semi full at lunch time with locals who worked around the area
– We ordered the first option on their lunch special menu, and for $12 it included a huge plate of food, a pop, and complimentary warm puffy pitas.

My plate consisted of:
– A very creamy and nutty flavored humus, which went really well with the warm pitas
– Long grain rice, infused with middle eastern spices (though fries was also an option)
– Fattoush Salad (Lettuce,tomato,parsley, cucumber, green &redpeppers, lemonjuice&olive oil topped with toasted pita bread &pomegranate sauce) which was refreshing and tasty. My friend got the Tabouli salad, which he did not enjoy as much because there was so much parsley that it was just overpowering.
– Two coleslaw-like salads with yellow and purple cabbage, the flavors were unique but added crunchiness to the whole dish.
– Chicken shwarma meat and garlic sauce were well flavored and very tender. 

– Overall, we really enjoyed this restaurant for lunch, but the distance is quite far for University of Waterloo students to get to.

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One thought on “Arabesque Cafe in Kitchener

  1. amberandtanuki says:

    I love the felafels and lentil soup! I had the tabbouleh before and also though there was wayyyyy too much parsley and didn’t like it.

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