Caesars Windsor Casino Restaurants


What: Various Menu Items
Where: Caesar’s Windsor Casino Restaurants
Cuisine: Various
Affordability: average $20+


– Skip the Market Buffet. You’d hope this buffet would be like the great ones you’ve heard of in other casinos, but this one fails in comparison. The dishes were either extremely dry, soggy or salty. The only one we could note to be worthwhile was perhaps the fried chicken, pizza and ribs. The fried chicken was similar to Kentucky Fried Chicken, if that can be a compliment, but it was crispy. That made up for it. The pork ribs were okay… not fall off the bone. This is a buffet after all. But none of it was worth $28 for dinner.

Market Buffet on Urbanspoon

– We spent most of our dining at The Artist Cafe where on occasions, we also had breakfast here. For dinner, we had the Prime Rib, T-bone steak, Full Rack of Ribs, Drums and Waffles and the Lobster tail. We didn’t consume all of this in one sitting. We were here for a week after all. The Prime Rib was noteworthy and so was the Drums and Waffles, and maybe the ribs, but the others were a bit of a disappointment. The Prime Rib was already medium so I couldn’t get it any less than that which is what I prefer. The Drums and Waffles were good if you are into the marrying of salt and sweet. The drums were similar to the fried chicken we had the night before at the buffet so that was a consolation. Plus, the waffles had bacon bits so that was definitely a win. The ribs was tossed in your basic barbecue sauce but parts of it were overcooked and hard but it was still not fall off the bone. I don’t like using my teeth to gnaw off the meat from the bone so that was not enjoyed very well. Plus, I make awesome ribs myself so I needed it to be better than mine.

– For breakfast at The Artist Cafe, we had the Eggs Benedict and the All Day Breakfast meal. The hollandaise sauce was a little too sour for my liking and thinking back could be the culprit of my stomach turning sour all day, and the eggs were really runny. I prefer my poached eggs to be slightly hard on the outside with a runny middle…you know, like its supposed to be. The All Day Breakfast was no brainer – 2 eggs, choice of meat, home style taters (fried with onions) and choice of toast. This seemed to be okay with everyone.

– We also tried the gelato at The Artist. It’s ok. A bit gritty but it sufficed our dessert craving.

Artist's Café on Urbanspoon

– Do try Legends if you’ve had it with The Artist. Its a sports bar inside the casino floor itself that offers pub fare but be prepared to pay a little more. We had the Poutine, which is not on the menu, Deep Fried Pickles, Cheese Pierogies, and the Fish and Chips. We liked the Poutine except it was just slightly salty and its probably because of the bacon bits, or they just want you to buy more beer. In any event, the Deep Fried Pickles were good except wait for it to cool down before going at it, and the Pierogies were good too.

Legends Sports Bar on Urbanspoon

– Overall, if you can afford the luxury to venture out to eat, go for it. We didn’t due to much time constraints. But do stay tuned. Blogs of restaurants outside of the casino are coming soon. I’m sure Windsor has lots more to offer.


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