Meat, Meat, Meat. And More Meat


What: Pulled Pork, Baby Back Ribs, Beef Brisket, and St. Louis Pork Ribs
Where: Chicago Q
Cuisine: American
Affordability: average $25-30 entrée


– Come hungry and be prepared to eat…meat. Lots of meat. q serves only meat and in American serving portions – translated…”I don’t need to eat for a week!” portions. Trust me, the pictures don’t do the portion size justice.

– We had the Pulled Pork, which was moist and flavourful, the Beef Brisket, which was also noce but would have preferred to have been on a juicier side. A full rack, and we’re talking a whole slab of Baby Back ribs and a full rack of their St. Louis BBQ ribs.

– We enjoyed all but the ribs were definitely the winners here. It comes “bare” – as in no sauces on them to flavour it other than the marinate it had been grilled with. The sauces came separate and they give you all four that they carry. Our fave was the Mild Original. But half the time, we didn’t even need them. The ribs were amazing on their own. Fall off the bone moist and finger lickin’ good!

– Nothing was skimped here, not even the sides. Unfortunately, we were so full from the mains that we only had little bits of the sides it came with – coleslaw, fries and cheddar corn bread. The cheddar corn bread was a little dry for us. Would have preferred not to spread butter all over to moisten it. The fries were really good. It still had skin on and sprinkled with sea salt.


– We had to skip out on dessert as we also filled up on their delicious potato chips. We couldn’t get enough of this. The salt, sweet & spicy flavours just explodes in your mouth! Whatever spices combination they have in these buffalo style fried chips is a winner.

– We thoroughly enjoyed our meal here and highly recommend it if you are in the Chicago area. But remember, it’s not for the faint of hearts. You gotta love your grilled meat…and your going to want lots of it.

Chicago Q on Urbanspoon


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