Three Ringed Binder

What: Three Ringed Binder
Where: The Works
Cuisine: Hamburgers
Affordability: $12-15

– This gourmet burger chain restaurant originated in Ottawa, and now has stores all across GTA as well as in Waterloo. Make sure you arrive early as there was still a wait when we arrived at 8:30pm.

– There is a huge selection of common and unconventional burger toppings ranging from peanut butter, fried egg, Kraft Dinner, to mushrooms, onions and cheese. On my Three Ringed Binder burger there was Sautéed mushrooms, chipotle mayo, gouda cheese & 3 crunchy o-rings. The combination of these toppings in addition to the Spicy Die-cut fries makes this one of the most satisfying greasy meals ever.

– Only slight concern from our group is that the hamburger meat was cooked medium well with pink on the inside (though the waitress did ask us if we were okay with it – being biology undergrad students, we were a little worried).

– Will we be back? – 100% yes!!!

The WORKS - Gourmet Burger Bistro on Urbanspoon


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