Watami Sushi


What: Summer Roll and Black Dragon Roll
Where: Watami Sushi & Sake bar
Cuisine: Japanese
Affordability: $15-$20


– Watami is a small upscale restaurant in the heart of Uptown Waterloo. We were craving sushi and wanted to eat somewhere with quality food, so we decided to skip the all you can eat chains in this town and ended up at Watami. It opens at 12:30pm on Sundays and the tables filled up relatively quickly.

– We decided to order two special rolls to share. The first was called Summer Roll – it had spicy raw salmon within the maki roll and grilled salmon piled up high on top. The second was the common Black Dragon Roll, similar to dynamite rolls but with pieces of eel on top. Each roll was $12.95 and were beautifully displayed with 8 pieces each.

– Each roll had fresh and bright flavors that you would expect in quality sushi rolls. But I just wish the portions are bigger and it wasn’t so pricey. With the same price, students in Waterloo could probably head to an all you can eat for lunch and have a large variety of foods to choose from.

– Would I come back? Maybe once in a while. They do have bento boxes from Tuesday-Saturdays for lunch which seem like a better deal, and for all you ramen fans out there, Watami recently introduced Ramen, but only on Sundays!

Watami Sushi & Sake Bar on Urbanspoon


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