Piri-Piri at Mt. Pleasant


What: Double Leg with Rice and Potatoes
Where: Churrasco Villa (Mt. Pleasant & Eglinton)
Cuisine: Portuguese
Affordability: $14+ per meal


– We started with an order of calamari (see photo below) and was pleasantly surprised that it was the proper way – grilled! Just like they serve them in Portugal. And it was perfectly grilled too. Nice and soft and cuts like butter. Not gummy, chewy and overcooked which unskilled grillers often do to squid. It was lightly dressed with olive oil and, what we think is, a bit of raspberry vinegerette. We added a bit of lemmon juice and it exploded with flavour. A definite must try when you visit.

– For the main, we had the chicken. I mean, that’s what we were here for. We all ordered the double leg with rice and potatoes, and double leg with rice and vegetables. We’re not big on white meat, otherwise we’d have gone with half chicken. The chicken were perfectly grilled to our liking. Very juicy but not soggy.

– There were two types of piri-piri sauce – mild and spicy. I had the mild to begin with and it was great. It tasted homemade and very authentic. Later in the meal, I tried the spicy and boy was it good! Not spicy that it is burning your taste buds, but spicy as in it had the right kick for all the flavours to waken up your senses. I enjoyed that one too although I am not often a fan of peppery spices. But this one was a winner.

– The rice and potatoes were also very good. Loved the potatoes. It had a crispy skin and soft middle. The spices used in the potatoes were in perfect harmony. I could eat that by itself.

– Overall, we had a great time at Churrasco Villa. They have, possibly, one of the best piri-piri chicken I’ve had on this side of the city. I would recommend Churrasco Villa and would likely go back, myself.


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