Yummy Homemade Gelato


What: Various flavours
Where: Il Gelatiere (Mt. Pleasant & Eglinton)
Cuisine: Italian Dessert
Affordability: $5 for a small cup


– We all had one scoop of Pistachio gelato as a base and had the following second scoops: Caffe, Nocciola (Hazelnut),
Stracciatella, and Panna Cotta. Each was amazing together or on its own. Very rich and creamy, and certainly up to standards, if not better, than other gelato places around the city.

– One flavour to note is the Stracciatella (Fiori di latte and shaved chocolate). According to their web site, Fiori di latte is their purest form of gelato made with delicate milk and vanilla. Topped with shaved chocolate, the Stracciatella certainly has a decadence taste. But don’t let this overshadow the other flavours, of course. The pistachio, which is my favorite, was also just as flavourful and just as well.

– Il Gelatiere prides itself of authentic homemade handcrafted gelato. Family-owned, they serve over 150 flavours (not at the same time), which includes non-dairy choices also for those lactose-intollerant, on the corner shop at Mt. Pleasant and Hillsdale Ave. (2 blocks south of Eglinton) with an outdoor patio perfect for a quick dessert post-dinner on a warm summer day.

– Will we go back to Il Gelatiere? You bet! One of the best we’ve had in the city. We recommend it!

Il Gelatiere Artigianale on Urbanspoon


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