TD Night It Up!

The annual TD Night it Up was this past weekend and we had a blast tying different food from vendors offering samples of their tasty and some not so tasty food concoction. Below are some of the highs and lows of our food tripping through Markham’s TD Night It Up food event.


Stall: Dat Chick Craze
What we ate: Fried Chicken & Waffle, Hot Blazin Chicken, and Popcorn Chicken

– The Fried Chicken & Waffle was a really filling dish, with a bit of Asian flavour infused into the deep fried chicken coating. The waffles were fluffy, chicken was crunchy on the outside and tender on the inside, and the maple syrup was mixed with chilli syrup! The owner of the stand informed us that it was supposed to be eaten like a sandwich, and sure enough…we finished every last bite. Unfortunately we couldn’t taste the spicy sweet syrup because our mouths were already on fire from the Popcorn Chicken!

–  Having recently traveled back to Taiwan, I must say they came pretty close to making the Popcorn Chicken a similar replica to the traditional Taiwanese street food version. Deep fried battered chicken, along with deep fried chilis and basil leaves. Wish it came with a bowl of white rice and a cup of bubble tea!

– Hot Blazin Chicken was dipped in a saucy blend of ketchup and chili sauce, quite good if you like tangy and spicy chicken.


Stall: Cupcup Dessert
What we ate: Cinaberry Crisp, Nunu Nana, Tic tac, Japaegg

– Putting a twist of the traditional egg waffle type dessert, these guys came up with creative toppings to put on the egg puffles. Combinations included chocolate and banana, chocolate and bacon bits, peanut butter and condensed milk, and our favorite flavour: shredded cucumber, imitation crab meat and wasabi mayo. It was so refreshing and almost like eating a sushi!

– I enjoyed the egg puffles from this stall the most because they were crunchy on the outside but soft and fluffy on the inside…reminds me of my childhood days when my mom would buy these for me afterschool 🙂


Stall: Maobo Puffles
What we ate: Mixture of Green Tea, Chocolate and original flavour puffles, topped with chocolate sauce, cookie crumble, caramel sauce and marshmallow

– Sorry but egg puffles are not supposed to be this crunchy. I know they were being nice and giving us every possible topping but unfortunately it was an overload of sugar. I had one small piece and it was enough. Come to think of it, actually kind of tasted like a cookie cuz it was so crunchy!


Stall: TacoCat
What we ate: Calamari Taco

– This taco was decent…I mean, it had all the right components of a taco. But to me, it was just lacking something. The calamari was nice and crunchy, the pineapple pieces were sweet but overpowering, and the lime gave it a refreshing kick. Probably a dash of hot sauce or freshly grounded salt and pepper would’ve done the trick!


Stall: Japanese Fried Mochi Ball
What we ate: Deep fried mochi balls with green tea ice cream and wafers

– This was probably our favorite dish of the event. The mochi balls were deep fried to perfection, crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside. Each mochi was bite sized which allowed you to scoop a spoonful of green tea ice cream and eat it at the same time…mmmmmmmmm


Stall:  Juicy Melon
What we ate: Watermelon & Mint juice, and Watermelon skewers with coconut brittle

– The watermelon & mint juice was a refreshing combination, perfect for a hot sunny day. As for the skewers, the coconut brittle had a candy-like texture which complimented the watermelon well.


Stall: El perro Heffe
What we ate: Hot & sour chicken taco, Octopus El Diablo taco

– We really liked the Octopus taco because the octopus was prepared really well, the chefs told us they even gave it a massage! The taco was topped off with cilantro and benito flakes which gave it a bit of Asian twist, but overall the flavours of the El Diablo sauce made this a delicious taco.

– The Hot and sour chicken taco on the other hand was soupy and just a bit strange as a taco. I felt like it was neither spicy nor sour, just soupy with gooey textured shredded chicken and cabbage.


Stall: me.n.u
What we ate: Porkzilla & Angry Bird

– We really liked the Porkzilla ball, as the pork belly gave a crunchy texture to the ball while the mozzarella was gooey and melted inside. It seemed a bit like a fried rice ball deep fried, with lots of different ingredients inside. Very filling, that’s for sure!

– The Angry Bird had chicken and mozzarella inside, but it was cold when it was served to us, and overall wasn’t impressive.


Stall: Ice Volcano
What we ate: Marshmallows frozen by liquid nitrogen and Milo Ice Cream

– Last year, I had to line up for 15 minutes to pay for a cup of half frozen cream that was $5, so I wasn’t too keen on coming back to this stall again this year. But I must say, Ice Volcano redeemed themselves this year!
– The marshmallows were super interesting, you have to eat them right away when its frozen…kind of like eating candy that melts in your mouth really quickly. But if you wait until the marshmallows resume to room temperature, it just tastes icky, like marshmallows soaked in water.

– The Milo ice cream was delicious. They informed us that it was made with 100% Canadian milk and frozen with liquid nitrogen and that no air is whipped into the ice cream, which makes the ice cream a lot more dense than commercial ice cream. After having a spoonful, the ice cream is very light and refreshing, and does not leave behind a lingering lactose flavor on your tongue.

Food events had become a norm in Toronto and surrounding areas that it is sometimes difficult to get to all of them. But we are glad we got to experience TD Night It Up this year and look forward to covering the event again next year!


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