Beer Bistro


What: Spicy Red Thai Mussels and Bison Burger
Where: Beer Bistro (Financial District)
Cuisine: Belgium
Affordability: $10 – $20


– This restaurant has a similar concept compared to Biermarket, they both have unique selections of beer to choose from and many food items are infused with beer as well. Surprisingly, the lunch menu is identical to the dinner menu, but the portions were quite large. Also make sure that you make a reservation in advance because the restaurant fills up fast during the lunch rush!

– The Spicy Red Thai Mussels ($18) were steamed in beer broth, coconut chili broth, la maudite, lemongrass, sweet peppers, lime leaf and cilantro. It was served in a cast iron pot which kept the mussels nice and warm, and a loaf of freshly baked Cantillion sourdough bread on the side.

– The broth had a really nice and rich Thai flavor, and the perfect amount spice. But near the bottom of the pot, or after having so many mussels, it was getting really really salty. The mussels were cooked well but a few of them still had the hairy bits attached to the mussel…which isn’t supposed to be served or eaten. The bread was rock hard and dry, I’m pretty sure its was not freshly baked because I can make a better loaf of bread than that!

–  The Bison Burger ($16) consisted a melted slice of brie cheese, sauteed shitake mushrooms and bean salad on the side. It tasted okay, but it simply lacked some salt.

– Overall, nice decor, convenient location, one of those places you visit once a year.
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