Dosas…Just Yummy Dosas


What: Vegetable Spring Dosa (above) and Masala Dosa (below)
Where: Guru Lukshmi (Mississauga)
Cuisine: South Indian/Vegetarian
Affordability: $10 – $15


– We ordered two types of dosa: Vegetable Spring, which was highly recommended by our host (in mild) and the Masala Dosa (also mild).

– The Dosas come with three different dipping sauces ranging from not spicy to really spicy. Since we ordered mild, they gave us the coconut base one and coriander. Let me tell you that we were glad. The Dosas were spicy enough by themselves. The sauces, although tamed the spicy-ness, didn’t take away from the flavours that Guru Lukshmi prides themselves of – South Indian cuisine! It also comes with tomato lentil soup that we enjoyed dipping our Dosas in.

– Dosas are meant to be eaten with your hands so don’t ask for cutlery. Mind you, they brought us some in case we didn’t know how. Thankfully, we did and enjoyed our food much more.

– We enjoyed the potato fillings inside as it was moist and a perfect compliment to the paper thin crispy and chewy dosa crepe.

– We really enjoyed the tomato lentil soup so we ordered Medhu Vada (pictured below) as well. It’s deep fried lentil doughnuts with the tomato lentil soup poured all over it. This had an interesting texture but was okay nonetheless. One tip tho, eat if while it is still hot. It gets soggy when cooled down.

– Overall, we enjoyed our Dosa experience. It reminded me of my breakfasts while working in India. Will definitely come back and try other flavours.


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