Meatball Burger?


What: Nonna’s Meatball
Where: e11even
Cuisine: Americana
Affordability: $13 (regular price: $20)


– Toronto’s Burger Week was last week in support of The Stop Community Food Centre where participating, often gourmet, burger joints offered their burgers for $5 with an exception of a few; one of them being e11even. We decided to try e11ven for a few reasons: 1) We’re near it, and 2) the flyer said they were offering Wagyu beef burger for $13. However, when we got there, it was now the Nonna’s Burger from their appetizer menu for $15.

– Nonna’s Burger we’re told was beef and pork meatball with tomato sauce and cheese between two buns. Points off to e11even for not offering the Wagyu beef burger like the ad says. We also had to tell our server that the ad says $13 which she had to talk to the manager about and eventually agreed to honour the $13.

– Not sure if I’d highly recommend the burger. Don’t get me wrong, it was tasty for a meatball but not a burger. I felt like it really needed to be nested on a plate of pasta. It was like eating a meatball sub at Subway with a slightly better bun. It was neither impressive or unimpressive. It was meatball on a bun. It also came with nothing else much like menu items in high end places like e11even but we’re helping a charity so we figured its ok to pay that amount.

– Overall, it came down to helping out the charity and I hope they made good with their charity promise unlike the promise on their ad. I just don’t see how it’s worth $20 on a regular day. Frankly, I couldn’t justify the $13, and our whole table agreed.

E11even on Urbanspoon


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