Khao San Road


What: Street Style Pad Thai
Where: Khao San Road
Cuisine: Thai
Affordability: $10-15


– This small restaurant was so packed by 6:00pm sharp on a Thursday evening, that we had to wait close to 40 minutes. So unless you like waiting out in the sweltering Toronto summer heat, your best bet would be to show up at 5pm when doors open for dinner! Unfortunately they don’t do reservations, but they can do take out!

– I found the menu very very similar to Sukhothai, and prices were around $13-$15 for curry, pad thai, or other rice dishes. The pad thai (with beef) that I ordered was really tasty. There’s just something amazing about mixing all the sweet, savoury, spicy and tangy flavors into the rice noodles. The beef slices were tenderly stir-fried, and there was some crunchy raw cabbage that could be incorporated…the entire combination was quite delicious!

– Give me a plate of Pad Thai (Street style) and a bottle of Singha Thai beer, and I’ll be a back at Khao San Road in a heartbeat!

To add…a vegetarian option:

What: Gra Bong (Squash Fritters) & Tofu Gaeng Massaman (below)


– Since I went on not only a different day, but a different time of day, I can confirm that Khao San Road gets pretty busy even for late dining (my group got there past 10pm).

– We had the Gra Bong to start which are deep fried squash fritters in ginger, Lemmon grass and red curry. It comes with a dip but I didn’t even try it with that. It was good just the way it was. My friends who had just returned from Thailand confirms that it is very comparable to Thailand street food, which Khao San Road is famous for – Thai street food!

– For the main, I had the Gaeng Massaman since I was on a vegetarian kick. It’s tofu cooked in the only Thai curry with tamarind, with peanuts, onions, bay leaves and potatoes topped with crispy shallots. All I can say is yum over my white rice. I didn’t even need the tofu part. I would have been happy with the sauce. It not only had an amazing fragrant as they placed it on the table but what an explosion of amazing flavour! Enjoyed this one a lot.

– Will I go back to Khao San Road? Yes, I share that want with AliceWei1127!


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