What: Pork Buns and Ramen
Where: Momofuku
Cuisine: Japanese
Affordability: $10-15

– With all the craze about Ramen in Toronto, we decided to try out Momofuku inside the Shangri-La Hotel on the first floor. We had a taste of Momofuku pork buns at the Slurp Noodle Fest, so we decided to order them again.

– In hindsight, $10 is really quite expensive for two small buns. But dang, they were made to perfection. Not a single complaint whatsoever. The buns were soft and fluffy, the pork belly had both meat and fatty parts that melts in your mouth, the cucumbers added a refreshing crunch and the hoisin and hot sauce went perfectly with everything. I could have easily eaten 5 of these for dinner.

– Then came the Momofuku Ramen ($14). Such a beautiful looking bowl of food, but it just didn’t do it for me. I found it to be way too salty so I just had to eat the noodles and other ingredients without any soup to accompany it 😦 Also, last time I checked, Japanese ramen noodles comes with an egg that’s soft-boiled, which has the egg whites fully cooked and the yolk is fully in place with a slight ooze. That wasn’t the case here. Although the chef’s skills of poaching the eggs was impressive, I did not like how slimy the egg white and yolk made my noodles. Perhaps I should have mixed it into the salty soup.

– Overall verdict…I’d probably come back here for the buns, but next time I might try another main dish.

– On another note…they have a new dish called the Fried Chicken. For $125, they make two whole chickens two separate ways. It’s supposed to feed 8 people, and you need to make a reservation a day ahead. Seems Interesting…..has anyone tried this?


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