Food Truck Thursdays: The Food Dudes & Pretty Sweet

Our coverage of food truck Thursdays at the Sony Centre continues with The Food Dudes and Pretty Sweet. Here’s the lowdown:


What: BBQ Pork Shoulder Sandwich
Where: The Food Dudes
Cuisine: Sandwhich/Food Truck
Affordability: $10


– Good but a little greasy according to my partner in crime today.


What: Captain Crunch Fish Tacos
Where: The Food Dudes
Affordability: $9


– Small. As in two bites and the thing is gone. Even though there’s 2 in the serving, it’s really just a primer. Not a full meal so a little too expensive for what it was.

– Has a bit of kick which was enjoyable. I’m not into spicy stuff but this one wasn’t bad and I didn’t mind it at all.

– Batter is a little on the burnt side and fish was soggy inside. Also, re-fried oil was in use….for a while. It’s like all the other fries and fish that had been fried on it was in my taco.

– Overall for The Food Dudes, extremely slow service. We waited for 45 minutes before we got our food.

– Will pass on this next time.

Food Dudes on Urbanspoon


What: Banana and Red Velvet Cupcake
Where: Pretty Sweet
Cuisine: Dessert/Pastry
Affordability: $2.75 for 1


– Both cupcakes were dry and icing wasn’t really exciting. It tasted something out of a can. Also, I think the red velvet was old. The icing was extremely dry and it was a bit sour. I think my food poisoning must have come from this one. I don’t know if the truck was in the right temp, but the cup cakes were just sitting out in the open. Nothing worth mentioning, positive-wise. It was also too expensive for what it was; flavour or size. I remember buying a cupcake from Cupcake Girls in Vancouver and theirs was not only really good, they were also really big!

– Prettt Sweet is also a pass next time.

Pretty Sweet on Urbanspoon


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