Soul Food


What: House Ramen
Where: Ajisen Ramen (North York)
Cuisine: Japanese
Affordability: under $10


– Apparently one of Toronto’s first ramen houses, Ajisen has various locations in Toronto (and I think Vancouver).

– They literally have a “book” of ramen for a menu. I often fear restaurants that have hundreds of selections when it comes to its menu, but I guess it can’t be very difficult to offer different concoction when all you have are ramen noodles and a soup base.

– The ramen noodles is what makes Ajisen different from the others, I think. Now, of course, my reference of ramen are the ones I had whilst in Japan, but Ajisen comes really close. The noodles were just right: not soggy or undercooked. It was actually enjoyable to slurp! It’s just a little salty for my liking, but that could be because my soup had salted egg and BBQ pork. But the slight saltiness didn’t make this soup one bit less enjoyable. It was very filling, but I could sure use another bowl!

– The staff was attentive, fast and friendly. We got our soup right away also which was a plus in our books since we were all hungry.

– Will I go back to Ajisen? You bet. I’d
like to try the one on Spadina. But I hear that one packs up fast with lunch and dinner time regulars. And I don’t blame them! This is Asian soul food and it fits the bill.

Ajisen Ramen on Urbanspoon


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