Looks Can Be Very Deceiving


What: Beef Shawarma Wrap
Where: Pumpernickle’s (Queens Quay)
Cuisine: Sandwich/Deli
Affordability: under $10


– The wrap we got had absolutely no taste. It wasn’t salty, spicy, or herb-y (if that’s a word). We prayed for at least salty. It would have at least given it a flavour. It gave a new meaning to the word “bland”. I had to add salt and pepper to mine and my cohorts had to add hot sauce to taste something. What’s odd is that mine was the beef Shawarma. Beef explodes with flavour. This one had none. The beef was also layered with mounds…I’m talking mounds of lettuce. When I took out the extra lettuce to see what made up this thick wrap, I found no meat! (See below) it was one hollowed out wrap. I think I found one slice of tomato. The rest was lettuce and it wasn’t even separated. It was like someone chopped the lettuce head into portions and crammed if into the wrap to make it look full. Lettuce must really be cheap in the market today coz when I removed it from my wrap, I literally had two fistful of lettuce.


– This wrap was a total waste of my $8. I will probably never go back to Pumpernickle’s unless it is the last deli in the area. Then again, I’d risk eating the cafeteria food in my office building even if that risks developing kidney stones. Food there are at the very least salty. It also took an hour to get our order and it was disappointingly tasteless.

Pumpernickel's Deli & Catering on Urbanspoon


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