Hey Lucy’s


What: Pasta
Where: Hey Lucy’s Cafe
Cuisine: Casual Pizzeria and Bar
Affordability: $10+


– With so many delicious sounding options to choose from, we decided to go for the Rosé Chicken Fusilli ($13) – tri colour fusilli with roasted red peppers, chicken and broccoli tossed in a rosé sauce, and the Steak Penne ($14.50) – peppers, balsamic onion, mushrooms and grilled seasoned steak in a pesto tomato sauce with whole wheat pasta (+$2).

– Although the dishes that arrived at the table did hold true to their descriptions on the menu, the food was only mediocre. After waiting an hour for our food (we had a party of 9), we were starving so pretty much anything should have tasted amazing by then. However I just felt like both pastas were lacking salt, freshly ground pepper and freshly grated Parmesan. And the thing that bugs me the most was the overcooked pasta noodles, so unfortunate because with these few tweaks I’m 100% positive that the dishes would have tasted amazing!  (The ciabatta bread on the other hand was incredible…mmm carbs overload).

– Good try Hey Lucys…decent but not excellent enough. Although…there is a huge outdoor patio upstairs 🙂

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