Food Truck Thursdays: Gourmet Gringos


What: Chicken, Steak and Fish Tacos
Where: Gourmet Gringos Food Truck
Cuisine: Mexican
Affordability: $7 for 2 Soft Tacos

Our series on Thursday food trucks at the Sony Centre for the Arts continues with Gourmet Gringos.

The lines were too long today and we got there right at noon and we couldn’t divide and conquer to also try out Urban Smoke. Next time, perhaps.

We had the chicken, steak and the fish tacos. We like the chicken the most. It had your normal taco fixin’s, but there was something about it that just makes the flavours explode in your mouth. It has real fresh taste that reminded us of Mexico. The flank steak was okay, but it didn’t wow us. We thought the two tacos would be a weak lunch but it was actually filling.

As for the fish taco, it was a crispy beer battered mahi-mahi. The guacamole was really creamy and the coleslaw had a refreshing flavour to it. Overall, a very good taco.

Gourmet Gringos on Urbanspoon

Would we go back to Gourmet Gringos? For sure! We recommend it!


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