Town Crier

ImageWhat: Town Crier Pub
Where: John Street (Entertainment District)
Cuisine: Pub food
Affordability: $10


-We came here around 11:30pm on a Saturday night and surprisingly a few seats just opened up for us. This pub is kind of hidden as it dips down to a semi-basement level. But the interior design feels cozy, like visiting your British relative’s living room, complete with big comfy couches and a warm fire place.

– Drink selections were great, lots of different beers on tap, not to mention the great prices! I treated myself to something fruity and sweet, a Belgium strawberry beer called Fruli for $5.95.

– We were craving some deep fried goodies, so we ordered Belgium fries and calamari. The fries ($5.50) were drenched in oil and soggy, bit of a disappointment. Oh well.. anything tastes good with ketchup and Dijon grain mayo right? The grilled calamari ($8.95) was braised in golden Belgium ale topped with tomatoes,capers and olives. Although it was a bit chewy, the flavors were fantastic and refreshing. Makes me wonder what their actual lunch or dinner menu items are like.

Looks like I’ll be heading back here one day to have a proper meal and beer of course! 🙂

Town Crier Pub / Halfway Beer House on Urbanspoon


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