Pork, Beef, Gravy, Fries and More Pork. Food Truck Invasion Thursdays!

What: Hogtown Smoke Food Truck
Where: Location varies (Sony Centre)
Cuisine: BBQ
Affordability: $10

I’m going to try to create a series this summer with the food trucks that come to the Sony Centre on Thursdays & Fridays…if I get to them on one of those days. Sometimes there are food trucks there on Fridays, but not always; but definitely Thursdays. And what better way to start this series than the Hogtown Smoke Food Truck.

A few of us went for a walk to get lunch and these were what we had:

What: Signature Brisket (Beef)
Verdict: Parts are a little crispy/burnt but still good and moist overall. It’s served on a bun and it’s piled high so definitely worth it. Added different hot sauces to it to add a punch of hotness. As for hot sauce selections…Hogtown had tons!

What: Carolina Pulled Pork with Slaw
Verdict: Pulled pork piled sky high with lots of slaw between two buns. Moist and really good. Again, crispy/burnt parts, but rest made up for it.

What: Brisket Po’ Boy (Beef)
Verdict: Made from the other brisket dish. Would prefer no crispy/burnt parts but a good take on the Louisiana sandwich (sans fish).

What: 2lb Pulled Pork Poutine
Verdict: Smothered in gravy on thick cut fries. The pulled pork was awesome in the gravy and didn’t mind the crispy/burnt areas. Made for a very filling lunch.

There were 7 of us that went and the verdicts above were the notes worth the mention with what we ordered. Would I go back to or recommend Hogtown Smoke? Hell YES! I just wish they had a regular spot for their food truck.

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