Mi Tienda Latina

ImageWhat: Pupusas and Grilled beef
Where: Mi Tienda Latina (near Charles Terminal, Kitchener)
Cuisine: El Salvadorian
Affordability: $10-$15


– When we walked in, a lovely El Salvadorian woman greeted us and asked if we would like to stay for dinner and have their grilled beef “Steak” special.  I was a bit skeptical at first, simply because I was standing inside a small convenience store with one table, a few chairs, and thinking “is this place even legally qualified to sell food?”

– We each ordered a pupusa ($2), handmade tortillas filled with cheese, cheese and beans, or cheese and pork. To say the least, each one was extremely greasy, a bit bland even with the salsa and coleslaw added, and I couldn’t tell if there was cheese or pork in mine.

– Then our steak special arrived and we were in shock. For $12, we got the biggest hunk of steak possible, a salad consisting of lettuce, tomatoes and a few slices of radish, rice, 2 tortillas and half a lemon. I have no idea what cut of steak that was, but sadly it was charred and very tough in my opinion. The salad tasted quite fresh after I drizzled lemon juice all over the plate, but my favorite was the yellow rice. The tortillas…they were a lost cause – just imagine a piece of chewy, bland and slightly stale dough.

– For all you hot sauce lovers out there..give this one a try cuz WOW IT WAS SO SPICY!

– If you’re looking for large portions of protein or just really really hungry, try ordering a meal at Mi Tienda Latina. Even a guy friend who just finished working out at the gym couldn’t finish this plate of food!

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