Quick Tummy Fill


What: Pork Burrito
Where: Quesada Mexican Grill (on King St. East)
Cuisine: Mexican
Affordability: Under $10


– As the title suggest – quick hunger filler. The service was fast & they prepare the burrito in front of you. I went with the large burrito (12-inch) as that looked large enough, but they do have one larger called the “bab”, I think, that’s 14-inches for those with a big hunger gap to fill.

– They offer two choices of tortilla (white & wheat), choice of beans, meat, and the usual fixin’s. Guacamole is extra however, which is weird since Avocados are regular items in a Canadian grocery store. I wasn’t a big fan of their guacamole, & probably could avoid it next time. But it’s only, I think, $0.20 for a spread of it on your burrito.

– They heat up the burrito for you before serving so that it is nice and warm when you eat it. The burrito was evenly packed and well wrapped that it will not fall apart as you eat it. I had pork on mine and it was spread all through the burrito. It had a mild kick but I reckon you can ask for spicy if you so desire.

– Will I go back to Quesada? Not any time soon. Burrito Boys seem to have a better burrito than this franchised restaurant. But if I’m stuck around George Brown & craving something Mexican, probably.

Quesada Mexican Grill on Urbanspoon


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