No Ten for Ten-Ichi


What: Lunch Buffet
Where: Ten-Ichi Japanese Restaurant
Cuisine: Japanese
Affordability: $15 (lunch) & $26 (Dinner)


– There is a lunch hour and a dinner hour as with any restaurant but it closes the kitchen & restaurant in between. Lunch kitchen ends at 2pm and the restaurant closes at 3pm. It re-opens again for dinner at 5pm.

– It’s a buffet, and food quality is hit and miss. Also, only generic fish is available: salmon, white tuna, mackerel. No fancy ones; not even Ebi!

– We didn’t like, or find appetizing, the salmon sushi. It still has the film of the skin on it as if unskillfully filleted. We didn’t like the hand rolls as there was more rice than the actual fish inside. We did, however, liked the grilled steak (interestingly enough). But all the other ones has nothing else to rave about…except perhaps the ice cream.

– They also automatically added gratuity even though we were less than 10 people, and then rushed us to pay.

– Will I go back to Ten-Ichi…probably. But won’t go out of my way for it. Besides, there are other Japanese buffets nearby.

Ten-Ichi Japanese Cuisine on Urbanspoon


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