24-Hour Phó


What: Vegetarian Phó with Tofu
Where: Phó Pasteur
Cuisine: Vietnamese
Affordability: $10


– Open 24-hours, which means good Phó at any hour of any day. I really have no complaint about the Phó here. It’s not the greatest, but it’s also not the worst. It’s a bit on the bland side that I kept adding hoisin sauce and used the lime also. Now, I know you are going to say: “duh, you ordered vegetables!” But trust me, I know my Phó. If you’ve frequent this blog, you know I’ve had my share.

– They also put a lot of noodles. Now some will say, “what’s bad about that?” In Phó world, you’re really in it for the soup. We all had to ask for additional soup base to add to our bowl. I often finish a bit of the noodles before getting full, but with Phó Pasteur’s, I couldn’t. It’s like they will run out of soup base: can be likely considering they are open 24 hours.

– We also ordered the deep fried tofu, which came after our Phó. So much for an appetizer. Our Phós got to our table first.

– In any event, will I go back to Phó Pasteur? Probably not, unless I am in the area and the other Phó houses have closed. It’s unlikely tho; Phó Pasteur is in Chinatown – there are other Phó houses that are open just as late…or early depending on how you look at a watch.


Pho Pasteur on Urbanspoon


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