Second Chance; Failed to Deliver


What: Tempura Lunch
Where: Oyshi Sushi (Queens Quay)
Cuisine: Japanese
Affordability: $15-$20


– I thought I’d give Oyshi another try to see if they’ve improved; only to be disappointed once again. We came during lunch and often order take away instead of sitting in the restaurant. The service here takes forever! You’ll end up finishing your lunch hour waiting for your food. Weird, since they have a lunch set menu for those rushing; we waited 45mins for our take away!
– The Tempura Lunch comes with tempura shrimps and vegetables, bowl of rice, salad, miso soup, pot stickers and a choice of a roll. I went with spicy salmon as a safe bet. Bad choice. The fish wasn’t fresh and had the consistency of a salmon in a can. It was not at all spicy and tasted old. The tempura was soggy and was more like a beer fish batter than rice flour batter. It just missed all the simple hits of a good tempura.
– I’d stick with Kokoro across the street, thank you. They are not only fast, but the free green tea whilst you wait is an added bonus!

Oyshi Sushi on Urbanspoon


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