Pearl Harbourfront


What: $11 set lunch menu
Where: Pearl Harbourfront
Cuisine: Chinese (Dim-sum)
Affordability: $10-20


– Their $11 set lunch menu was overpriced as it promised to include a spring roll, steamed rice, sweet & sour pork and a cookie. The portions were not satisfying, and food only tasted mediocre. Definitely not any better than cheap food court options like Manchu-Wok. (And of course the cookie turned out to be a fortune cookie…which would have been complimentary at any other Chinese restaurant)

– The restaurant also offered dim-sum dishes, so I decided to order a sticky rice wrapped in lotus leaf. Little did I know, this one dish turned out to be $6.50!

– When the bills arrived, we discovered that $1.75 was added to each person’s bill, even though the pot of tea was placed on the table when we first arrived! Some quick mental math…$1.75 x 4 =$7 for that one pot of tea!!! 

– A few of my friends were furious, so they decided not to give any tips. When the waiter realized this, he spoke in Chinese to the other waitress and told her to force us to pay tips by selecting the 15% tip option before handing the credit card machine over for the person paying to finish the transaction!! 

Would I go back? – Most definitely not! 

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