Gourmet Tacos


What: Fish Tacos
Where: Barton Snacks (Queen St. West)
Cuisine: Gourmet Snack Foods
Affordability: $5-$10 per item


– I had the 2 fish tacos for $7. They are gourmet but not pretentious as the the other gourmet tacos around the city. It’s simple yet tasty.
– I think they used Tilapia (texture suggests it anyway) and it was perfectly cooked – moist but still together. It was topped with red cabbage with a squeeze of Lemmon juice for that citrusy flavour and surprisingly sweet mandarin orange wedges cradled on two soft tacos. It had a very refreshing summery flavour that could easily be enjoyed with a bottle of cold beer.
– Owned by Katherine Lehto, this one on Queen St. is the second location.
– Would I go back to Barton Snacks? Hell, yes! When I’m done with my “no meat” funk, I’d love to try the hotdogs, the pulled pork and the bacon cookie.

Barton Snacks on Urbanspoon


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