Quick Sushi Lunch


What: Kokoro 2 Combo
Where: Kokoro
Cuisine: Sushi
Affordability: $10-$15


– We often go here for a quick lunch. There’s two choices for sushi that’s walking distance in the area and Kokoro does the job. The other sushi place (Oyishi) is awful.

– I always get fresh sushi so I can’t complain. And it’s always tasty.

– There are no tables so this is purely pick up/take out that you bring back to the office.

– They offer free green tea while you wait and often there’s a line right at noon. You can preorder, I think. But we often just wait for ours. It doesn’t take that long anyway.

– Favourite for me here is Kokoro 2 (pictured above) for $12.95. You can’t go wrong with a dragon roll and some basic nigiri.

– Would I go back. Yup, I and my coworkers often do. (But not on Mondays. They are closed on Mondays)

Kokoro on Urbanspoon


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