Priciest Brit Pub in Yorkville


What: The Oxley Fish Pie
Where: The Oxley Public House
Cuisine: British Pub
Affordability: approx. $10 – $15 per item


– Authentic British pub in the heart of Yorkville. Owned by Brit chef Andrew Carter, expect to put down some dollars; you are in Yorkville after all. We came here for appetizers and drinks and racked up nearly $400.

– I had the Fish Pie that arrived with a small bowl of steamed peas; it was $27. It was a small bowl of chunky white fish, salmon and lobster topped with fluffy browned mashed potatoes. The fish was tender and not overlooked and the creamy sauce was sublime! Highly recommended!

– I also had a few Thornbury Premium Cider for $7.50/btl (20oz). It was great with my fish, but I probably should’ve had a proper English ale. Maybe next time.

– As for next time, yes! I will come back to the Oxley. Just probably not on a weekly basis. Perhaps on special occasions when my wallet is not as tightly closed.

The Oxley Public House on Urbanspoon


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