What: Lamb Quorma & Fish Curry
Where: Babur
Cuisine: Indian
Affordability: $15-20 per dish.


– I’d consider Babur to be authentic Indian but with mass appeal. The dishes are blended well that not one flavour overpowering the other. Nothing is too spicy hot (as typical with Indian cuisine) that you loose enjoying the different explosions of flavours that curry brings to the dish. It was just right.

– We ordered naan bread to start. I would have preferred an option of different dips included with it, but it was still good by itself.

– For our main dish, we ordered the lamb quorma and the fish curry plus plain pulao rice. The curry sauce alone would have been enough for me to have with my rice. They were good enough as themselves over the rice so the addition of the lamb and fish was just a topping for us. The lamb was really good. It wasn’t game-y as one would expect, and the fish was just as well; moist and cooked right.

– For dessert, we all shared a creamy Kheer (rice pudding with pistachios). Again, just right; not too sweet, not bland.

– Will I go back to Babur? Sure, I’ve been a few times. But it also doesn’t hurt to try the other Indian restaurants next to it. I’ll have to noob about those later.

Babur on Urbanspoon


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