O & B Probably Stand For Overpriced & Blah


What: Carrot Square & Loose Leaf Tea
Where: O & B Canteen (on King St.)
Cuisine: Café
Affordability: $7 for the carrot square & medium tea


– Food is overpriced for what it is. My carrot square was around $4 & it was dry and day old in quality (and probably is). Carrot cake at a smaller, less pretentious, or chain coffee shops serves fresher & better tasting pastries than what is served at O & B.

– The loose leaf tea tasted like dirt. I’ve had my share of loose leaf tea. That’s how I drink tea at home. This one was just awful and for over $2 for a cup of hot water.

– They will also force you to give a tip even from the counter quick grab section. There’s no option to skip the tip if you are paying with credit or debit.

– Stay away from this place. You are better off at Tim Hortons across the street. You’ll not only save but you’ll have a chance of getting better food and a smile.

O&B Canteen on Urbanspoon


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