The Goodness that is P.F. Changs


What: Mongolian Beef with Rice & Egg Drop Soup
Where: P.F. Changs on Shops at Don Mills, Toronto
Cuisine: International inspired Chinese
Affordability: avg. $15 lunch/$20 dinner



– If you are one of those who is usually afraid to try different things like eating Chinese food or a little too high brow for ordering your meal by numbers, P.F. Changs is for you. I’m not mocking you. I, too, love P.F. Changs. Why? Coz it tastes the same weather or not you are eating at one in the US or the new Canadian location at Shops at Don Mills (the closest one to Toronto used to be Buffalo).

– I had the Mongolian beef with rice and a side of egg drop soup. It’s pretty basic, obviously made for mass consumption, and a little salty. But what isn’t in any American menu. But I like it. It’s edible. I wouldn’t suggest eating there every day, but if you are craving for a slightly pretentious Chinese dish, P.F. Chang’s your place.

– Favourites here include the duck, fried rice, and Crispy Honey Chicken.

– Will I go back? Sure. Been to many locales. It’s a sure bet that you’d get good chain restaurant food.

P.F. Chang's China Bistro on Urbanspoon


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