Fitting Name, Finally – Nasty McNasty’s


What: Rib It Up! & Nasty Cheese Bread
Where: Philty McNasty’s Bar & Grill
Cuisine: Pub Food
Affordability: $15-$20 per dish


– Stay away from this place.

– Nasty Cheese Bread. That is its actual name; it was no more than hot dog buns from your grocery store laced with the type of shredded fromage that Kraft will try to pass off as cheese. It was not at all acceptable to be worthy even for a $5 appetizer.

– Rib It Up! was not on their regular menu. It’s on their “featured” selection. It was dry, charred to a charcoal and was not fall of the bone as the menu suggests. I would ask disassociate my brand if I was Rickard’s. I’d hate to learn that my brand will be used to sell something so mediocre. I didn’t even try the coleslaw as it looked like it was out big Costo plastic jug, and probably was. I can’t imagine what their regular menu would be like if the featured ones were this bad.

– Other nastiness: our table was sticky and smelly, the plastic cups that our pop order came in were sticky, and the crowd was really seedy. We wanted to have beer, but decided to go somewhere else. We were afraid we’d find a dead rat or syringe in the bottle. So ’nuff said…avoid this place.

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One thought on “Fitting Name, Finally – Nasty McNasty’s

  1. Gary says:

    Our Waitress Sherifa.

    4 of us, after 2.5 hours and 2-4 drinks and food each & 4 shooters(had to order the shooter from the bar), Then the waitress converts everyone to water!!!
    Service was slow, waitress seemed like she didn’t want to be there, doubles were weak…
    I left no tip on the visa bill, she asks me how was the service, I tell her it was slow..
    She then follows me outside and asks again how was the service and who is driving!!! We tell her we don’t live far and are walking.
    One of the group felt pressure and gave her a $20 tip.
    Note, I typically give a solid 20% plus tip.
    There are many options for places to eat and drink in the neighborhood, try one of the others first.

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