It’s No Wok Of Shame at Wok of Fame


What: Wok of Fame
Where: Brampton, ON
Cuisine: Japanese/Chinese/Canadian Buffet
Affordability: $15 (lunch), $20-$30 (dinner) depending on the day.


– Wok of Fame replaced a huge grocery store and the restaurant is using the entire floor space so you can imagine how big this restaurant is. Your placemat has the map of where the food stations are so you’d know where to go.
– The “servers” or “bus” doesn’t serve any drinks except alcohol and hot beverages. There are two sets of fridge that you can help yourself to any drink including bottled water and a soda fountain.
– The food is a mix-match of everything from Chinese, Japanese, grilled steaks, seafood, to roast beef, French fries, salads to dim sum, from ice cream to cake. The menu is huge so pace yourself if you want to try all!
– The decor is grand. Reminds me of some of the restaurants in Hong Kong. As you enter, there is a Koi pond then you are greeted by a long aquarium just before you get to where the tables are. There are also fibre trees that camouflage the concrete columns and grandiose chandeliers to mask the industrial box store-type ceiling. The dining area is bordered by stone-like Asian-themed fences similar to one you’d find in a Chinese or Japanese garden. But the piece de resistance is the grand piano in the centre of the restaurant separating the dining area to the food area. I heard they have a player on the weekends to serenade diners.
– Would I go back to Wok? Probably. The food wasn’t bad as other buffets, but it isn’t the greatest either. Lets face it, its a buffet. For the amount of food there is, it’s worth it.


Wok Of Fame on Urbanspoon


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