A Little Taste of Portugal in a Big Way!


What: Quarter Rotisserie Chicken with Vegetables, Rice and Potatoes
Where: Churraso Portugrill (on Eglinton Ave., GTA)
Cuisine: Portuguese
Affordability: $8+ per meal


– Authentic Portuguese piri-piri chicken!

– The food is really great. If you want an authentic taste, as their slogan says: A little taste of Portugal, this is your place. It mimics local sandwich and grill houses in Portugal you’d likely see in the cities and small towns. You order your good at the counter and they put it together for you; then you sit down to eat and enjoy your meal with a cold refreshing lime drink. Perfect for Portugal summers and after eating a spicy meal.

– I had the mild coz I can’t handle really hot dishes and this was just right. It wasn’t burning my tongue so it was enjoyable. It had a perfect harmony with the rest of the sides; you can select three with your choice of meat. Totally worth it!

– The staff was very friendly and they will explain if you need guidance when ordering. There are choices in what part of the chicken you want and how hot you want it. The place was clean as well and I think you can buy their piri sauce.

– This is a definite “will go back to” place again! Glad my office is near by.

Churrasco Portugril on Urbanspoon


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