Could Be Etobicoke’s Hidden Asian Treasure


What: Beef Satay with Rice & Vegetable Stir Fry
Where: Lee’s Thai Spring Roll (Etobicoke, ON)
Cuisine: Thai/Malay
Affordability: $10-$15 per meal


– Located on Lake Shore Blvd. West and Islington on the North side. There is street parking, which is free after 6pm. I think there is a Green P on the back, but not too sure.

– The ambiance and decor was very nice. Don’t be afraid to take a date here. Tables are covered with cloth and bathroom was pristine. I love the flashing dotted lights on the floor and the sea shell tea light holders. They are also licensed.


– Order the Thai Iced Tea (pictured below). It is proper iced tea like it is in the South…brewed and unsweetened, which I love. It is served with a scoop of vanilla ice scream, which you stir in to sweeten the iced tea! This drink was divine! Served in a tall glass; if it had alcohol it’s be heaven! Don’t drink it all at once. Save some for dessert in case you are too full for a finale, at least you still have your Thai Iced Tea.

– I ordered from the Malay menu. They have three items there, but there are plenty of Thai dishes! I was craving Thai curry originally, but seeing the satay option just made my night; so I didn’t really review the Thai dishes in details. They have, however, your regular suspects…pad Thai, stir fry, and so on. I ordered the Beef Satay meal (pictured above), which included 4 skewered beef satay, a bowl of rice, vegetable stir fry and possibly the most amazing peanut sauce I’ve ever had! The fragrance of the dish was great. You can smell the different spices used in the dish and it was in harmony that I got even hungrier as the server placed it on my table. The meat was a little tough and dry, but if you dip it in the peanut sauce, the marriage of the flavour and the peanut sauce made up for it. For $13.95, this was a lot of food and definitely worth it! I highly recommend and will likely go back for the chicken, tofu and shrimp satay.

– The service was fast but that may be due to a slow evening (there were only 3 tables taken). I can see this place getting busy on a Friday night or weekends. The staff was very friendly and attentive.

– Will I go back to Lee’s? You bet! And I hope that the city discovers it too and it stays a secret no more. They also deliver for orders over $25 before tax and I may just take them on that offer when I have company over!


Lee's Thai Spring Roll on Urbanspoon


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