Wendel Clark’s…Scores!


What: Ribeye with Mashed Potatoes and Vegetables
Where: Wendel Clark’s Sportsbar in Vaughan, ON (location in Oakville, ON also)
Cuisine: Americana/Canadiana/Steakhouse
Affordability: $100 between 2 people


– Owned by hockey legend of the Maple Leaf’s Wendel Clark situated in the Entertainment Complex at Interchange 30 near the AMC Theatre.

– Upscale sports bar (compared to the typical peanut-peanut-shells-on-the-floor type) yet family-oriented but certainly for clientele with a bit $$ to spend.

– We ordered the chips appetizer (pictured below) with the chipotle dip. This one is a win. Fresh potato chips, fried, then seasoned with chipotle powder, but lightly so it just adds flavour and not really spicy. But as you eat more, the heat accumulates gradually along with the dip. You got to try this one as an appetizer or a side.

– I had the ribeye (pictured above), ordered rare. I prefer my steak medium-rare on the slightly bloody and cool middle kind, but only a few restaurants can get it right. After explaining this to the server, she suggested I order a rare so it won’t be as overcooked to a medium-pink middle. I think she was warning me that the cook tends to overcook the meats a little. And it came out almost right. So props to her. It wasn’t juicy like I usually expect when my steak is this raw, but it was okay. As long as it wasn’t medium or well done where its like eating tires, then I’m good. Just don’t expect this to be Morton’s of Chicago (which I love!).

– I ordered mashed potatoes which complemented my steak really well. I ordered the peppercorn gravy to go with it and it made it divine. A definite must if you will dine here.

– Will I go back to Wendel’s? Sure! I liked the atmosphere and the food was good . The manager seems a bit more attentive than the servers, but it’s okay. At least they don’t bug me every two seconds that I can’t enjoy my meal.


Wendel Clark's Classic Grill and Sports Lounge on Urbanspoon


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