Got Chubby at Chevy’s



What: Chipotle Chicken Enchilada
Where: Chevy’s Fresh Mex (Lake Buena Vista, Orlando, Florida)
Cuisine: TexMex/Mexican
Affordability: under $20


– Lots to choose from. Classic TexMex or Mexican-inspired dishes, and huge servings. I couldn’t finish my meal. I had to take most of it to go.

– Don’t fill up on the free nacho and salsa or you won’t have room for dessert like I did. The salsa has a slight kick but very runny. The bus boys are attentive to refilling your chips and salsa so ease up on stuffing yourself with these before your meal comes.

– Service is fast and they have a good happy hour for tourists. I don’t think as a local would go to Chevy’s for a happy hour. My local bar would probably be a better choice.

– The Chipotle Chicken Enchilada (pictured above) was filling. Like I said, large portion, and it was stuffed with chicken like it was going out of business. The red chipotle cream sauce didn’t really add much to the dish, but I guess it made it moist. Don’t get me wrong, the tortilla was fresh and moist, and it did this the dish together so I am not complaining. It came with a rice side, grilled vegetables, and, I think, corn. I liked the corn. It has a sweet flavour to it. I’m a sweet tooth so anything sweet, I like.

– Would I visit Chevy’s again? Sure. The ambiance was good and the food isn’t that bad and it’s fresh! But remember, it is a chain restaurant. Don’t expect to be wowed.

Chevys Fresh Mex on Urbanspoon


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