Place for Beer; Food…Not So Much


What: Smoked Meat Poutine
Where: Bier Markt (Shops at Don Mills)
Cuisine: International Inspired/Pub
Affordability: $20+ per dish


– Lunch is not too bad. We got sat in the patio area quickly.

– Huge selection of beers. Tip: If there is a logo on the menu, they have it on tap. Don’t ask the server to name what they have. There have tons. Read the beer menu.

– Average food for the price. But you came here for the beer. My poutine was bland. The smoked meat tasted like it was from the pre-package kind. I’ve had a deli serve me better tasting ones. They were also skimpy on what tasted to be really bland gravy. The cheese curds were nothing special nor were the fries. Frankly, New York fries had better. Walk over to South Street Burger on the other block. You’ll have better poutine there for a lot less.

– Would I go back? For a beer, maybe. There is nothing Belgian here but the spelling.


Bier Markt - Shops at Don Mills on Urbanspoon


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