Breakfast Favourite When South of the Border


What: Spinach & Mushroom Omelette topped with Hollandaise Sauce
Where: IHOP (various locations in the US and Niagara Falls, Canada)
Cuisine: Americana/Breakfast/Fast Food
Affordability: under $20


– Large portion servings so come hungry.

– Breakfast served all day. You can’t go wrong, it’s generic.

– High sodium content as per any fast food…possibly more, and you can taste it. But you can’t go wrong. This stuff fuels you for a while and it’s just tradition when you are away, whether on business or pleasure, to eat really bad. Consider this breakfast as your bad food intake.

– Coffee is weak, but you get a whole thermos for $2.

– Don’t expect high standard service, it’s a greasy spoon and the customers still get served whether or not they wear shoes or shirt. It’s your neighbourhood family dive that attracts yokel tourists on budgets.

– I do it coz it’s fun.

IHOP on Urbanspoon


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