Cambodian/Thai Food Find in a University Town

Name: Pat’s Restaurant Fine Cambodian & Thai Cuisine
Where: Kingston, ON
Cuisine: Cambodian/Thai/Asian
Affordability: $10 max per entrée

It’d be a surprised if this well known university town fall short of selections when it comes to international cuisine. Chances are, international students who attended Queens University for some years probably settled or moved their families here. And the diversity of the locals are as diverse as the restaurants in and around the city.

I decided on a little Cambodian restaurant just a little outside of the downtown core. I was craving for some peanut and curry taste and I figured that Pat’s will suffice it. Pat’s Restaurant kept coming up on my online search accompanied by rave reviews about it’s menu. Advertised as Fine Cambodian and Thai Cuisine, I knew I had to try it out.

Mild Chicken with Lemon Grass

The restaurant is very simple and tiny, and very casual. The guys who were running the place that night (and probably every night) were just dressed in jeans and shirts which can translate to it feeling very easy going or dangerously being too casual for the term “fine” dining. Upon entry, you sit yourself at any table available and I would suggest grabbing a table right away. The place was busy that almost all the tables were taken for dinner surprisingly on a Monday night. They have a small menu but they all seem to be authentic. I was toying with the green curry dishes but decided on a yellow curry dish. I ordered the Mild Chicken with Lemon Grass with peanut, and coconut milk over rice. The sauce was really nice and exactly what I needed. It was a little too mild however, but the menu stated that it was mild. That was quickly remedied by adding a bit of hot sauce available on the table. The rice was very nice, or as nice as rice can get. It was moist and freshly cooked. And I doubt that they will have rice that would be sitting around. With the amount of take out pick up orders flying out the door, I would bet they cook rice non-stop. What I would bet they had prepped before dinner however was the chicken. The sauce was indeed flavourful but it was only on the surface of the chicken unfortunately. So if you were to take a bite of chicken that didn’t get sauce on it, it would taste very bland. But the sauce is ample, overflowing in fact, that mixing it in the rice as you take each bite of chicken makes up for it. There was also red Thai chilli pepper, which I tried, but just too hot for me to consume. I just don’t have the stomach for consuming something like that.

Thai Chili Pepper

I would recommend trying Pat’s if you are visiting but you are not really missing much if you don’t go. There are other Thai and Indian restaurants in the downtown core to choose from. It appears to be a local favourite, like I said, with a steady flow of take out orders getting picked up throughout my meal. It wasn’t a bad meal for $10. It was indeed flavourful, tastes home made, and very laid back. Definitely affordable meal for a student on campus on a budget.

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One thought on “Cambodian/Thai Food Find in a University Town

  1. Hey Foodieeh,
    Maybe a little off topic, however, On visiting a new country we would always like to experience the local cuisine. Thailand is a country which is famous for its various culinary delights. A wide basket of variety foods are available here, which ranges from the extra spicy to the saline. Huge array of restaurants that serve the local foods will definitely delight your taste buds.
    Keep up the posts!

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